Dong-Hoon Kang, Sang-Chul Ahn, Hee-Dong Ko, We-Duke Cho and Young-Tack Park,
"Context-Awareness for Ubiquitous Computing System",
presented at 2004 

In this paper, we propose a level of contexts such as low level and high level contexts, and its criteria of categorization are the existence of interaction and composite process done by the inference mechanism. When there is no matching high level service for the associated high level context, this context is described as meaningless. If the services cannot be provided with the entities by the system, this situational information is of little consequence. To provide services with the entities, we propose community computing architectural concept which provides the high level service to a group of agents in a community, and can be managed by the service scenario

Keywords: Ubiquitous Computing; Context-Awareness; Community Computing
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