Shung Han Cho, Yunyoung Nam,Sangjin Hong and WeDuke Cho
VOL. 5, NO. 6, pp.1166-1191

This paper presents an adaptive active tracking system with sector based scanning for a single PTZ camera. Dividing sectors on an image reduces the search space to shorten selection time so that the system can cover many targets. Upon the selection of a target, the system estimates the target trajectory to predict the zooming location with a finite amount of time for camera movement. Advanced estimation techniques using probabilistic reason suffer from the unknown object dynamics and the inaccurate estimation compromises the zooming level to prevent tracking failure. The proposed system uses the simple piecewise estimation with a few frames to cope with fast moving objects and/or slow camera movements. The target is tracked in multiple steps and the zooming time for each step is determined by maximizing the zooming level within the expected variation of object velocity and detection. The number of zooming steps is adaptively determined according to target speed. In addition, the iterative estimation of a zooming location with camera movement time compensates for the target prediction error due to the difference between speeds of a target and a camera. The effectiveness of the proposed method is validated by simulations and real time experiments.
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